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When a person, young or old, has their life turned upside down by addiction to prescription drugs, rehab is often the only solution. It is a brave thing for an individual to enter rehab. It is the first big step toward living a life of sobriety.

Once a person finds the right rehab service, they will undergo a thorough physical and mental examination. It is easy enough to treat their addiction through specific drugs and treatments. However, if a co-occurring mental disorder is overlooked the patient can relapse at a further date. That is to be avoided at all costs. The goal of rehab is to give a person the best possible chance at getting well. Prescription drugs rehab plays an integral role.

prescription drugs rehab
prescription drugs rehab

Prescription drug abuse is a growing problem around the country. Abuse means taking a dosage level that is not prescribed by a doctor. Many addicts become so as a result of an injury. Others become addicted by taking prescription drugs to feel euphoria—simply to get high. The three classifications of medications most abused include the following:.

  • Opioids – prescribed to treat pain
  • Depressants – sedatives and other drugs that affect the nervous system
  • Stimulants – mostly relate to ADHD

At present, America seems to be going through a prescription drug crisis. This has resulted in increased emergency room visits and overdoses around the country. It is recognized as a national epidemic. Europe is experiencing the same problems. Opioids, painkillers, are among the leading drugs abused in the United States. In the past decade, the number of people seeking rehab for prescription drug abuse has grown more than 400%.

prescription drugs addiction treatment
prescription drugs addiction treatment

Prescription Drugs Rehab Centers

The program allows patients to get a high level of care, and then return home at the end of their daily session. They can get on with their life. They are also privy to the counseling and cognitive therapies that can help them better understand addiction and its causes. Because they are exposed sooner to the outside world, they have to take their rehab program seriously and follow their doctor’s orders to the letter.


Follow up care allows the individual to continue working toward a life of sobriety and purpose. Prescription drugs rehab centers play an important role for addicted individuals. Prescription drugs addiction rehab works.

prescription drugs rehab centers
Integra Health Prescription Drugs Rehab Centers




Find Relief from Addiction with Help from the caring team at Integra Health

Prescription Drugs Addiction Treatment

Prescription Drug Abuse

How People Become Addicted to Prescription Drugs

There are probably as many ways to become addicted to drugs as there are people. However, most people become addicted to prescription drugs as the result of misusing a prescription. They use their drug for a legitimate reason at first. Their pain continues and they begin to use more frequently. Others will use someone else’s drug at a party, at work, or a social gathering. They see their experiment as being innocent. However, it becomes a habit they cannot seem to break. Prescription drug abuse is also on the rise with school children.

prescription drug abuse
prescription drug abuse

Symptoms and Signs of

Prescription Drug Abuse

The signs of prescription drug abuse will vary, but there are general signs that everyone will display. Generally, drug abuse will change a person’s personality. They may seem distant or they may even take on a whole new set of friends. They are likely to become more guarded about their friends, what they do, and where they go.

There are physical signs as well. They may not feel pain at normal levels because of their drug. They may also look drowsy and confused in ways that are out of the norm. Take a close look at their pupils—which are often constricted. Their breathing may appear to be slow. If they try to quit using on their own, they may display bone and muscle pain, diarrhea, vomiting, and chills over a several-day period.

Additional symptoms may include a poor memory, slurred speech, a noticeable lack of coordination, depression, persistent tiredness, agitation, aggressiveness, or even suicidal tendencies. At first, these symptoms may be hard to spot for the average individual. If someone you know exhibits such signs, have a candid talk with them. Just keep in mind that someone using or abusing drugs is usually the last to admit it. So a person has to be careful in how they approach someone abusing painkillers or prescription drugs.

prescription drug abuse
prescription drug abuse

Young People and Prescription Drug Abuse

Young people are just as likely as older people to abuse prescription drugs. They are also likely to use such drugs for the wrong reasons to begin with. If you have a young family member that you suspect may be abusing prescription drugs, there are a number of warning signs to be on the lookout for.

  1. Young people will generally withdraw from family members and friends. They will start spending a lot of time alone, even if they have previously been an active person.
  2. They will have moved away from hobbies and interests. These can be things that they loved doing most recently.
  3. They have become hostile to themselves and the world around them. They find it hard to keep their actions under control.
  4. They may start crying or seem depressed for no reason at all. In fact, they may show routine irritability.
  5. They no longer keep up their appearance. Where they may have once been tidy, it has become a thing of the past. Cleanliness is no longer a priority. You can see this in their dress patterns and how they manage their personal items.
  6. Their school grades take a dive. Where they were once interested in school and highly engaged, they are now disengaged. Their teachers and friends may have noticed the change in their behavior.
  7. They tend to sleep a lot more. They may even sleep for days at a time.
  8. Family rules or curfews no longer apply. They often become openly defiant to parents and authoritative figures.

Prescription Drugs Addiction Treatment
Prescription Drugs Addiction Treatment


Find relief from addiction with help from the caring team at Integra Health


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